Friday, October 25, 2019

Black Desert Online

Black Desert Mobile APK 4.0.55 Global Version

A we all know, Black Desert mobile version - Black Desert Mobile opened in South Korea this year.  The most exciting thing is that this game aims to expand the impact on the international market this year.
 2018 is a year of graphics and gameplay, unlike the rest of the world.  This year is also the year when many computer games have been transformed into mobile platforms, such as Tera, Blade & Soul and another Black Desert Online.  Black Desert Online is one of the most beautiful MMORPG games on the computer.  Therefore, when Korean publisher Pearl Abyss appeared on the mobile platform along with the trailer, the graphics were equally displayed and more beautiful, which made the computer unable to bear what the player raised.

In the Gamescom 2017 event in August, developer Pearl Abyss released some information about Black Desert Mobile.  Black Desert Mobile is expected to be launched in South Korea in January 2018, and the current pre-registration has begun.  Black Desert Mobile is more than just a mini version of the Black Desert.  This is a brand new experience and a completely different gaming experience.

Black Desert Mobile tells of the conflict between two opposing states, the Calvin Republic and the Kingdom of Valencia.  In the past, the four main regions, Calvion, Serendia, Palinus and Medea were peaceful.  When the Valencia businessman brought the Black Death, the situation changed and millions of people died.  People realize that Valencia is the cause of everything.  Calvin set up an alliance and began a 30-year war.
 Basically, when playing a game, players will be converted into one of five main categories: Valkyrie, Witch, Ranger, Warrior, Giant.  These characters are expressive enough to help players easily guess the function of each character.

Black Desert Mobile played a role because it was the highlight of the game and it created its own charm.  Through non-target mechanisms similar to the PC version, as well as many special skills (such as Blade and Soul) that require players to aim at the target, as well as jumping and avoiding, the fierce battlefield will bring crazy speeds that are almost absent in other mobile game products at a crazy speed In Black Desert Mobile, players can use a total of 8 skill units.  Since the number of skills is greater than the number of available cells, the player needs to select the skill they like and put it into the cell.  The transition in the game is similar to the PC version, where players can run or ride horses.

In addition to graphics and high-speed gaming, Black Desert Mobile offers many other exciting features, including pet training, gardening, parties, fishing and more.  It is naturally available, allowing you to create rare items for other players to use or trade with other players.


 Black Desert Mobile has the best graphics platform possible, thanks to the best possible optimization, and the game uses engine technology that has been successfully applied to the Black Desert PC version.  Not only that, MMORPG also adds some content specifically for the mobile platform, so that players can expect a completely different and unexpected new experience.

You will see the shape, and each character's movements are extremely flexible and beautiful, leaving a deep impression on the audience.  Soon, Black Desert Mobile may become the best mobile game on the mobile platform.

 Do you have to download Black Desert Mobile?

 Black Desert Mobile includes seven main activities: Open Air PvE, Invasion War, Guild Leader, Ancient Maze, World Leader, Defeat Mission and PvP.  Black Desert Mobile will be released in Korea on iOS and Android, followed by an international version.

After the game is officially released, you can download games for iOS and Android.